We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it



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"Welcome to the forest traveler, what are you doing here by yourself? Oh? What? Wondering what's here? This is where the five clans live. There are many cats around here. Thunderclan are fierce and brave. Riverclan are clever and strong. Windclan are swift and loyal. Shadowclan are sly and proud. Skyclan are independent and peaceful. Together these five clans thrive, each cat contributing their own little things to the well-fare and survival of their own clans. Loyalty to their Warrior Code and each other mark these groups as truly unique. Please feel free to have a look around I implore you. Have a good day and be sure not to tread on anyone's tail!!"




Here we, the nifty staff of this beautiful and colorful site, strive to create a friendly and safe environment for you to live out your wildest warrior fantasies. We do not own the basis that this  roleplay revolves around. Erin Hunter is the sole owner of the Warriors series. It is our personal goal to make member's stay both comfortable and fun. Our group of members are unique, crazy, spontaneous, and much much more. In order to reach a large amount of people, we have a variety of different roleplays to try out, the main kind being Clan roleplay. Then, we also offer Supernatural Beings, Humans, Pokemon, and a variety of other roleplays that may suit your fancy! 


We, Leafheart12, have been given express permission from the maker of this video to use as we wish.


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This is a map of the current position of the clans as of March 12, 2017! 


But before you can start, we ask you to please review our site rules here and make sure to follow them closely. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the owner directly here, or the co-owner here, or instead contact one of our staff members here







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Updated 5/22/2017

New Leaf

Temperature: 50's to high 70s, tempature is very unstable.

Weather:  It's an unsually hot spring, barely any snow to be had. One day it can be in the 30s the next in the 50s. Leaves and flowers are budding everywhere

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Sunday, Jun 4 All Day
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