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 Eternal is extremely loyal and genuinely kind, especially to kits, as he had a bad experience in his kit-hood, so he wants others to be happy. He's very giving and skilled in fighting as well as very articulate. Whilst being mostly confident, Eternal is very self-conscious about his background and often worries he will be hated. He is a very anxious cat, and panics a lot, yet tries to keep it to himself as to not concern other. At one point in his life he almost gave up, but he managed to get back on track in the end. He still has moments of not being able to manage, however he knows how to discipline himself and control his emotions. Also, he's very patient and tolerant of annoying or pushy cats, but is assertive when he's had enough of something. He's playful, comedic, and fun. Appearance wise, Eternal is a broad-shouldered, completely black tom cat with a strong build and no markings. He has medium-length fur and a very fluffy tail, and his whiskers are black. His paw-pads, nose, and ear fluff are pale rose pink, and his eyes are bright amber like flames. His apprentice is still Eternalpaw, but is soon to be Leafpaw when Eternalpaw becomes a warrior. And his mate is Moonlight.

Mate: Moonlight

Apprentice: Eternalpaw

Kits: Ebonypaw, Flightpaw, Eaglepaw






 Amberstorm is a dark ginger she-cat with light brown spots and light amber eyes. She is a very fiery cat towards those she dislikes, and tends to be impulsive while making a decision based around those cats. She is a very orderly cat who tends to stress over small details of things she deems important, but if she finds cats needing encouragement and comfort, she doesn't hesitate respond. However, she wasn't always like this. As an apprentice, she was a very rude and cruel cat. However, a family member of one of her victims decided to give Amberstorm, then Amberpaw, a taste of her own medicine. She began to spread rumors and lies about Amberstorm, and the ginger she-cat was quickly shunned. The experience changed Amberstorm. She felt as one of her victims did, and vowed never to hurt another ThunderClan cat. Over the course of time, she earned back the trust of other cats in the clan, and became a warrior with the knowledge she had been accepted by those who mattered.

Mate: Sealear

 "Hey, no problem! I like forming relationships with my clanmates. It makes my job all the more fun!"





Medicine Cat

She was found outside of the clan as a kit and taken in by a former loner named Oceanbreeze who she is named after. Oceanbreeze nursed and raised her loving the kit as if she was one of her own. Ivorywing, one of Breezesky's adopted siblings hates Breezesky and believes that to have a former rouge in the clan will lead to the clan's downfall. As a kit Breezesky was very shy and was scared of the cats around her except for Furyheart who she grew fond of and became apprentice to. She would constantly go into the Medicine den to visit Furyheart and that's how she really got into loving medicine. Breezesky also despises fighting and doesn't understand why the clans fight one another, all she hopes for is for one day the clans to be at peace. Breezesky is very connected with Starclan and always looks to her dead ancestors for guidance, She is one of the prophecy cats and has the power of plant manipulation, She is now an extremely kind cat who will sometimes treat cats like kits if they aren't listening when she's trying to help them. But she is all together a very caring cat who is extremely loyal to the clan she owes her life to.

Apprentice: N/A





Medicine Cat Apprentice

Mentor: Starclan 

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